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Video production tips to enhance your business

Video production tips to enhance your business


hen you are planning strategies for the marketing of your brand, a creative and informative video should be part of your marketing mix. High quality videos make a statement about your brand, and with the right structure and content can be extremely effective in delivering the right message to your target audience. However, making interesting videos that stand out from the competition is a big challenge because people these days are swamped with advertisers fighting for attention. If you are planning the production of your next video, then here are a few tips that you can follow to take your videos to the next level:

  • First of all, come up with a unique and creative idea because original content will get noticed and helps to standout in the market. Come up with a concept that tells a story with which people can connect on an emotional level. Make sure that the concept you develop defines your style and your brand so that people will be compelled to buy your offering.
  • Well before you start the shoot, do extensive research. Create a rough script, think about what people should be wearing and any animation or graphics that may be required. Writing for a video is not the same as writing for a blog. The video needs to sound conversational not too rigid or technical.
  • If you are choosing actors for your video, choose those who can deliver the lines naturally without any hesitation. Poor or amateurish delivery will work against you, unless that is the style of video that you want to present e.g. humorous.
  • The sound quality of the video should be the best possible. You should never compromise on this because you wouldn’t be able to deliver your message across if the audience can’t understand what is being said. Purchase or hire the best quality microphones you can afford to ensure good sound quality.
  • Make sure that when you are editing the video, you are using the best editing software. If you are inexperienced at editing, then you should choose a professional for the editing process. Editing tools that are being used should be of top quality, and the video should be optimized for a number of platforms like Facebook, You Tube etc. so that you are able to get the maximum potential views of your videos.


There is a lot to producing great videos and as we say, video is a team sport!