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The Speed Of Words

The Speed Of Words


ow many words in a minute, well it depends, a typical conversation is approximately 150 words per minute, if you read something then it accelerates to about 250 words in a minute. An effective public speaker sits at about 135 words per minute.

So how many words should your next video or animation script have? I usually suggest that a typical 60 second script should have about 125 words, that includes pauses in-between scenes or shots.

It also depends on what you are trying to convey and the amount of information density you need to make something easily understandable.

If the density is too high, then the viewer will feel that the topic being discussed is to difficult to digest and switch off. If the density to to low or the script has any repetition then you can bet the viewer will skip the video.

So in a nutshell, a one minute video should be between 110 and an 135 spoken words in a script.