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BSA – Project Tendering Video

Project Tendering Video

Review: Gary Begg
Client: BSA

“I recently used the services of Vapco to assist us in building a presentation for a tender process. In these challenging times with the pandemic we had to look for a new and innovative approach and the Vapco team led by Sid did this for us. The production team were first class in their interactions with our team, led the day and directed us to deliver a fantastic end product. To have the production crews with us for the presentation itself was incredible. Vapco provided the edge we needed to stand out from the crowd. A great experience that we will never forget and a company we will be sure to use again in the future.”

Putting together a comprehensive pitch communication package can be a daunting and sometimes overwhelming task. When BSA approached The VAPCO, their requirements and deadline seemed almost unachievable at the time! BSA required a complete multi-location shoot ranging from the Sydney CBD to regional NSW, incorporating senior BSA staff talking to camera, drone footage at two regional NSW locations and various B-roll footage for use throughout the presentation. In addition to this BSA required a comprehensive Powerpoint presentation to be designed and developed that incorporated these videos with other critical company data.

At The VAPCO we mobilised our regional team in less than 24 hours, and within that time had swung our entire team into full production. Camera crews in regional areas were sharing their footage with our production suite within minutes of completion. Multiple locations and crews syncronised to bring all their assets to the editing and post-production team over the space of a few days.

The result was a complete lock stock and barrel series of pitch assets that worked seamlessly with each other from both a design and communications point of view. BSA followed up with requiring another series of matching presentations, again with a tight deadline, which we gladly produced – ending up with a complete suite of presentation assets for BSA to use moving forward with their NBN rollout.