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Codisto – Multi-versioned product teaser video

Multi-versioned product teaser video!

Review: Jonathan Pollard
Client: Codisto

“Sid and the team are highly recommended. Video production from idea to finished article is a difficult job. We engaged The Vapco for our SaaS product explainer video. Sid helped us refine the messaging, suggested animation ideas and was patient with us when we would make late directional changes or request small improvements. Definitely recommend.”

In the software-development space, promoting your product across various platforms and channels can be a huge challenge. Codisto talked to us about producing a high-tech and easy-to-follow teaser video for their new plug-in system for eCommerce websites. The challenge? Their plugin had to be marketed for 6 different eCommerce solutions, each requiring specific branding and a slightly different approach – without creating 6 times the work.

The VAPCO worked closely with Codisto and had multiple passes at fine-tuning their script and visual style to find a style and communication technique that met all of the criteria they required. Codisto needed the exact right balance of information, entertainment, technology, flexibility and duration for their video. The creative approach we pursued was to integrate a ‘future UI’ touchscreen and gesture approach with their existing UI assets.

The end result communicates a normally complex message in a simple and precise manner, with a smooth flow of information and imagery that was re-purposed for 6 separate eCommerce platforms!