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Kickstart Video With Punch

Kickstart Video with Punch

Review: David Sumpter
Client: Phone Friend

“We were after a short, informative, product explainer video – and that is exactly what we got !! Sid and his crew were very easy to deal with and listened to our requirements. We are very happy with the end result.”

Having an innovative product is a great start, but standing out amongst the kickstarter crowd can be a huge challenge. Phone Friend approached us at The VAPCO to produce a simple product teaser video using live action video of their product in the hands of an actor. The product concept is simple, which is the heart of all great innovations, so bringing it to life would involve some tight action timing and shots framed specifically for us to use for titling and graphics in post production.
Attempting to film a device screen can be problematic. Exposure, glare and loss of focus can impact the production greatly and can sometimes render footage unusable. The VAPCO and Phone Friend overcame this by re-configuring our studio lights and camera rig for a clean overhead shot, using a stand-in demonstrator mobile phone and relying on high-powered post production grading to punch the brand colours through consistently and evenly.
The results speak for themselves! A vibrant product demonstrator video with a pace designed to allow for complete comprehension of the message whilst staying dynamic and engaging.