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Medical 3D Concept Modelling

Medical 3D Concept Modelling

Review: Ray Sharpe
Client: Rayzor

“It’s great to work with a company that actually listen to your requirements and deliver an outstanding product! The service was faultless. Will definitely be using them again.”

An industry-changing product was invented, developed and patented by Rayzor, the Denzel. Rayzor had a rudimentary 3D model and a sizeable workload in prototyping and refining their design and needed a promotional and informational video produced. The VAPCO were approached, and after a few detailed meetings and technical discussions with our Senior Producer and VFX Director, we began work on producing this video.

Rayzor provided several fantastic photos and videos of their prototype in action, however the design was still being refined! Our 3D artist decided to use a workflow that let us change the model dynamically at any stage of production whilst not affecting the work being done in post-production. This allowed last minute changes to the 3D model that immediately and seamlessly integrated with the rest of the production.

The result; a very clean and technical presentation of their medical device including a clean ‘text and strap’ style of titling and a colour scheme that unified the product, titling and branding into an easy-to-watch yet technically complex production that communicated the products features clearly whilst demonstrating its action and functionality several times as key points were discussed and demonstrated.