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Autex – Technical Education Course Material Videos

Technical Education Course Material Videos

Review: Alexandria Fugle
Client: Autex

“The incredible team at VAPCO have once again hit the ball out of the park. Their creative ability and production skills are second to none. Would happily continue using them in the future.”

Autex Australia manufacture premium grade, completely recyclable acoustic absorption and management products, and provide industry training to architects, designers and other industry students and professionals. Their goal was to produce a series of training videos that would take the physically complex topic of reverb and sound absorption and present it in a visually engaging and easily understood manner.
Physically modelling sound and representing it visually was always going to be a challenge! The team at Autex worked closely with our Senior Producer to create a concise set of topics and scripts, whilst our VFX director proposed using physical model simulations using a series of ‘ping pong’ balls to represent sound energy.
Combining these principals with a set of engaging graphics and animated representations of other assets such as the workings of the human ear, and 2 dimensional particle systems to represent energy absorption and more, led to a series of videos that were precise and informative, whilst still being engaging and entertaining.