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TfNSW – Animated Video Training Series

Government Training and Information Video Series

Review: Claire Austin
Client: TFNSW

“We engaged VAPCO to produce a series of animated training videos – the results are amazing and the videos exceeded our expectations. They are fun, informative and professional at the same time. We highly valued Sid’s patience, advice and customer service skills and would recommend Sid and VAPCO to produce a quality product! Thank you Sid and co!” 

Transport NSW approached The VAPCO with an interesting concept.  The aim was to take their regular internal hiring processes from a series of scattered and detailed documents and re-present them to their organisation as an engaging series of animated video chapters covering the entire recruitment process, from both the candidate’s and the recruiter’s point of view.

Creating such a vast series of hand-drawn animations with a consistent look and feel meant that we needed to engage our design team from very early in the process. Our VFX director worked closely with our traditional animator to streamline the entire process, whilst our senior producer stayed in constant contact with Transport NSW to ensure that every fine detail was covered and in direct keeping with Transport NSW’s very strict communication guidelines.

The result was an engaging series of animated videos that truly represented the way Transport NSW wanted to present themselves to existing staff. The videos were fine tuned to be as concise as possible to ensure that a detailed process was put forward in a comfortably understood and fun framework.