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Dematic – Robotics & Automation Video

Animated Fully Functioning Automated Factory

Review: Cara Skelsey

“VAPCO were able to take my company’s complex drawings and sometimes rather patchy information, and produce a beautiful animation video showcasing our product – achieving our desired result.”

With the release of their completely automated and technically impressive robotic pallet shuttle, Dematic approached The VAPCO with a real challenge.  Could we incorporate their new AGV shuttle into a functioning 3D factory environment that also showcased some of their other automated factory systems?  The answer was yes, and we eagerly began planning how this production was going to look, and function considering the vast array of assets and sketches that were provided by Dematic.

Once we received the assets from Dematic, the complexity of this undertaking became clearer.  We remodelled and adjusted – then fully animated a 16 point-of-articulation robotic arm, automated pick-up and drop-off of pallets – as well as pathfinding and object avoidance simulations.  From a design point-of-view we chose to develop the ‘title’ sequences based on an ‘automotive trade show exhibition’ styling – whilst completely redesigning a 3D factory and conveyor system to bring this system of products to life.

The resulting video showcases the functionality of the AGV shuttle, with nods to the many other automated factory systems that Dematic produce and distribute, in a clean and technical 3D environment.