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High quality videos on any budget with our innovative approach to video production and animation

  • Planning a video on a tight budget? Contact us and we’ll surprise you with an innovative solution that is extremely cost effective
  • From our unique Shoot It Yourself packages and Pre-Composed videos, all the way to full video & broadcast production and animation
  • Save time with our extensive library of stock footage, graphics and animation – combined with our custom-built facility and our experienced producers and network of artists
  • With our leading edge technology, creative ideas, knowledge and breadth of experience we can develop a high quality video solution for you!
We help you to get your message across in the most cost-effective way!

Quality video can be expensive to produce, but the need to produce more video content has never been greater. To achieve this, the cost per video has to be dramatically reduced, without sacrificing quality.

When it comes to working within a tight budget to capture your audience’s attention and get your message across, you will find our innovative approach to video production is second to none. The VAPCO knows what it takes to make videos that get noticed and communicate your message, all the while keeping within your budget.

From our unique Shoot It Yourself packages to Pre-Composed Videos, we have processes and solutions in place that ensure you will get the most bang for your buck!

Whether you set out to create one video or if you are formulating a whole video strategy, you will want to work with a video production company that understands that today’s budgets are lower than in the past, and the time constraints to create content are tighter than ever before.

Our extensive video production experience allows us to produce affordable videos without compromising on quality. With the help of our high-class editing and post production facilities we can breathe life into raw footage and deliver maximum impact for less cost than you may have expected.

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have developed an understanding of what works for viewers in the medium of digital media and how to keep them engaged. Whether your audience is the public, your clients, businesses, or internal communications we have the breadth of experience to develop the best video for you at the lowest cost.

Our extensive library of stock, graphics and animation combined with our custom-built facility and our experienced producers and network of artists means that you will receive personalised service while producing great looking video. We will not only save you money but, most importantly, we’ll save you time by getting it right the first time.

When you are planning your video and are not sure if you have enough of a budget, contact us first and we will surprise you with an affordable solution to your needs. Check out our online store for pricing or email us at info@thevapco.com

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