EDIT & POST 30/120

EDIT & POST 30/120


  • Professional Editor
  • Music & Titles
  • Colour Correct
  • 30min Source Footage
  • Edit up to 2min Video

The edit includes the following,

  • Final video up to 2 minutes in length
  • Edit created from up to 30 minutes of source footage
  • One licensed music track
  • Standard graphics intro and name plate
  • Master video to one format such as YouTube/Facebook/Twitter
  • Edit will be based on your favourite shot selection
  • Access to stock footage source

This package provides you with a completed video that can be up to 2 minutes in length. The edit will be composed from up to 30 minutes of source footage. If there is more than 30 minutes of source footage, then extra charges may apply. We will quote extra charges prior to the edit.

Before we start editing, we will convert and provide the footage to you via a download. You will need to look at the footage and select your favourite shots and write your titles and text. You will also have access to our stock footage source. The edit will be based on the shots you select.

The edit includes a basic title with your logo and branding. You will need to supply any branding that you require prior to the edit. The edit also includes graphics such as interview name plates and other basic titles. If subtitles are required, then that will be quoted as an extra.

The edit will include music where required. You will need to let us know the style of music you would like in your edit. We will then select the music and edit it into the video. If you aren’t satisfied with our music suggestion, then we will provide you with three alternate music tracks for you to select from. If these tracks are not to your liking, then we direct you to a music library where you will select the music track.

Unless otherwise specified, we will master and deliver the video to you at YouTube standards. If you would like to format the video for other uses, then you will need to let us know prior to the edit. We will provide any additional cost for re-formatting prior to the edit.

Once you have placed your order with us, we will then send you a confirming email, you will need to reply to this email to confirm the booking.

Please choose carefully and we recommend you contact us prior to your purchase to ensure that you understand what you are purchasing. Any refunds are solely at our discretion. Any authorised refunds will incur a 15% service fee.

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