Web streaming as professional as your brand, virtual sets and customised backgrounds for your web streaming and online conference needs


“We can design and implement your entire web stream showcase from something simple such a single person presenting or up to 4 people presenting at the same time with virtual sets and PowerPoint slides”

Complete web streaming services

Pre configured green screen studio

All lighting and sound setup included with studio hire

We assign a producer to assist you in bringing your web stream to life

Single point of contact means that the producer for your project will be the only contact you need during the entire process

TV quality cameras and microphones ensure your stream is the highest quality possible

With the incredible growth and popularity of web streaming and web conferencing with recent events there has never been a better time to bring your internal and external communications, even your conferencing, online!

We support streaming to all digital streaming services and platforms such as Zoom, TeamViewer, Google Hangouts Meet, GoToMeeting, Jabber and more.


  • Hard wired FTC NBN Connection
  • Acoustically treated studio space
  • Complete TV production studio including cameras and audio / microphones / digital teleprompt
  • Green / Blue / Black / White screen backdrops
  • Full equipment & crew hire
  • Animation and animated graphics facility to provide any additional assets you may need

The Video & Animation Company specialise in video production and animation.  Our fully equipped facility can provide any support you need to produce an incredible web conference experience for your staff, delegates and guest speakers!

Our web streaming studio caters for small to midscale productions where 1 to 4 presenters are on screen at any given time. From a single presenter on a black background to multiple presenters in pre-designed virtual set we can organise the complete look and feel for your web stream.

Your key speakers, guest speakers and other staff that are required to broadcast in your webinar are more than welcome to meet at our studio, with our producers assisting with any scheduling and show running requirements.

All aspects of your webinar or webcast are covered within the one facility, and we are more than happy to talk with you about what services will suit your needs.  Even if you have never produced a webcast before, our knowledgeable team will guide you through the best possible setup to bring your content to life.

Feel free to contact us at info@thevapco.com.au


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